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Premium Name

We call Premium Names the most valuable .REST and .BAR domain names.


They are considered valuable for many reasons. Some of those reasons can be:

  1. They are commonly used keywords that correspond specifically to a certain industry or segment (wine.BAR, Italian.REST)

  2. They are ultra short understandable terms (our.BAR, aaa.REST)

  3. They have the same spelling in different languages (piano.BAR, jazz.BAR)

  4. They are common terms for other industries (foo.BAR, gold.BAR)

  5. They have the greatest SEO potential

  6. They are not confusing, they don’t use special characters or symbols different from letters and numbers

  7. They represent words that have been considered valuable for a long time (whiskey.BAR)

  8. … and because they are the greatest names for any brand or project!

Traditionally, these names are placed in the market at high prices, due to the very low availability of terms and their amazing potential for branding and SEO.

But we are not a traditional Registry, so we decided to offer them differently. We are not only planning to sell these names, but to find the perfect partner for each one of them.

We are currently working on creating the most attractive Premium Names placement strategy in the Industry, and we are searching for startups, entrepreneurs, brands and just about any great and amazing project to support and work together to put our best domain names to use.

If you are interested in using, acquiring, leasing, or partnering with us to obtain one of these great names, please let us know your name, email and a brief description of your project and we’ll be happy to carry the conversation forward.